Electricity and Power Supply

In Myanmar, the power sockets are type C,D,F & G. The standard voltage is 230 Volt AC and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Please bring a power plug adapter if your appliance’s plug doesn’t match. Please check your appliance is compatible with 220-240 Volt. Most of the modern appliances are built to be compatible with 100-240 Volt. But, the best is to check and if not compatible, you will need a step-down voltage transformer and a plug adapter.

Power outages are common in Myanmar and many small towns have scheduled power period or you can even encounter the places with no power supply. Most hotels will run generator 24 hours but it is not the case everywhere. For example, the hotels in Kanpetlet near Mt. Victoria in Chin State rune generator from 5-8am and 6-10pm.