Festivals and Public Holidays

Myanmar calendar is based on Lunar Cycle. Usually, it has 12 months in a year but to adjust with sidereal years, it has 13 months every 2-3 years. If you calculate with Western calendar, there will be slight different. Myanmar people do not have problem with living on Myanmar calendar and on Western calendar at the same time.
Myanmar is a land of festivals. It has traditional Burmese festivals, ethnic festivals, religious festivals and special events. The pagoda festivals are usually celebrated at famous pagodas and they are usually held around full moon days during January, February, March and April. Moreover, there are people who believe in Nat (Spirits) and so, there are Nat festivals too.

Public Holidays

January 04 Independent Day
February 12 Union Day
March 02 Peasants’ Day
March 02 Full Moon Day of Tabaung
March 27 Armed Forces Day (Tatmadaw Day)
April 13-16 Thingyan Water Festival
April 17 Burmese New Year’s Day
May 01 Labour Day
May 10 Full Moon Day of Kasone
July 08 Full Moon Day of Waso (Dammasetkya Day. Beginning of Buddhist Lent)
July 19 Martyr’s Day
October 05 Full Moon Day of Thadingyut (End of Buddhist Lent)
November 03 Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone
November 13 National Day (10th Waning Day of Tazaungmone)
December 18 Kayin New Year Day
December 25 Christmas Day