Getting Around

You can visit to most parts of Myanmar by car. It saves time to travel by plane when you are visiting the remote or far areas. (E.g – visiting to Putao by plane saves a lot of time than visiting by car). In some areas, you can only go by boat.

Flights are usually punctual and a quick way to travel.

Highway buses are also punctual and cheap. Traveling overnight by sleeping on buses can save time.

Traveling with cruises is usually done in Ayawaddy River with the main reason of sight-seeing and visiting the towns and cities along the river. In Rakhine State and Delta Region, some areas can only be reached by boat because of many creeks and springs in those areas.

Train is also cheap but it is complained that not very comfortable. If you want to see the daily lives of Myanmar people and to do sight-seeing, traveling by train is a good choice too.

Hiring private cars is expensive. In Myanmar, most of the cars have right-hand steering and driving on the road is on the right-hand side. It is advisable to hire a car with a driver instead of self-driving. The self-driving tour is a popular tour in Myanmar but it needs permission and you need a tour operator to get permission from authority.