Pyay-Sri Ksetra-Akauk Taung Two Day Guided Tour ( SY03 )

2 day/1 night tour from Yangon with English speaking guide. Accommodation, Car included.

Day 1 – 6 hour dive to Pyay from Yangon. On the way to Pyay, visit Shwe Myet Mhan Paya in Shwe Taung. It is the Buddha image wearing the big golden spectacles. It is believed that praying to this Buddha image can cure the eye diseases and you will find out the interesting stories behind that believe. Lunch in Pyay. Visit Pyay’s Shwe San Daw pagoda and Shwe Pon Tha Muni Pagoda. Overnight in Pyay.

Day 2 – Drive to Htone Bo village for about 2 hours and from there, take 30 minutes boat ride to Akauk Taung (Custom Hill). Akauk Taung is well-known due to the Buddha images carved into the cliff. There is a foot path to climb to the top of the cliff from where you can enjoy the view of Ayerawaddy River and the plains. In the afternoon, visit to Sri Ksetra, UNSECO World Heritage listed ancient Pyu Capital, which was built between 5th and 9th centuries. Although there are not much remains, the remains of royal palace, royal cemetery and tombs, pagodas and some religious sites can be seen. Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda is one of the remains and said to be the first Buddhist monument in Myanmar. There is a museum, displaying the artifacts from the site. Drive back to Yangon.


The itinerary and tour prices are subject to change depending on arrival/departure flights, availability of hotel accommodation and prevailing local conditions. Prices are subject to change in case of increases in airfares, ground transportation costs (like fuel), entrance fees, etc.


For 1 person USD 483.00 per person
For 2 persons USD 253.00 per person
For 3 persons USD 232.30 per person
For 4 persons USD 180.55 per person
For 5 persons USD 173.80 per person
For 6 persons USD 155.25 per person
For 7 persons USD 143.75 per person
For 8 persons USD 128.80 per person
For 9 persons USD 123.05 per person
For 10 persons USD 112.70 per person
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