Myanmar has tropical weather overall which can be divided into three seasons.

  • Rainy Season (Mid May – October)
  • Cool Dry Season (November – February)
  • Hot Dry Season (March – Mid May)

As Myanmar has different geographical features from south to north and east to west, traveling can be done all year round to different parts depending on seasons. The South-West of Myanmar is a long coastal line facing Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The North-East region is the hilly area while the central part of Myanmar is a dry zone. The northern most part of Myanmar is continuous with Himalaya and covers with snow most of the time. In the rainy season (Mid May – October), the coastal region and southern part including Rakhine State, Delta region, Mon State, Kayin State and Tanintharyi Division can get large amount of rain which limits traveling to those areas. Meanwhile, traveling to the central part of Myanmar is possible as the central part usually gets low rainfall.

From November to February is the traveling season in Myanmar. The weather is good with sunshine throughout the country enabling the tourists to travel to all parts of the country. As it is the traveling season, you need to book ahead if you would like to travel in these months. In some areas, the night temperature can drop especially in hilly areas and also, in the central dry region and therefore, it is good to carry warm clothes, shawls and blankets.

March – Mid May is the warmest time of Myanmar and the heat is strong in the central part. So, stay cool in this season by drinking plenty of water and wearing light clothing. When it becomes very humid, it can lead to rain. However, the rain is usually short with small amount of water and it doesn’t disturb the traveling. It is a good time to travel to the mountainous areas in North-West, Norther and Eastern areas.