Ngwe Saung Beach – Pathein Three Day Guided Tour ( SY01 )

3 day/2 night tour from Yangon with English speaking guide. Accommodation, Car included.

Day 1 – Drive to Ngwe Saung, a nine mile long beach with white sand and crystal-clear water, located in Ayerawadday division facing the Bay of Bangle and situated five and half hour drive from Yangon. Lunch at Pathein. On the way, visit Elephant Camp. Arrive to Ngwe Saung and check-in to hotel. Enjoy your afternoon on the beach.

Day 2 – Relax and enjoy your leisure time.

Day 3 – Drive back to Yangon. On the way, visit Pathein. Pathein is the capital city of Ayerawaddy Division and it is famous for it’s traditional parasol and halawa, a sweet dessert made of glutinous rice, butter, coconut milk, and poppy seeds. After visiting Pathein’s Shwe Mote Taw Pagoda, drive to Yangon.


The itinerary and tour prices are subject to change depending on arrival/departure flights, availability of hotel accommodation and prevailing local conditions. Prices are subject to change in case of increases in airfares, ground transportation costs (like fuel), entrance fees, etc.


For 1 person USD 511.75 per person
For 2 persons USD 264.50 per person
For 3 persons USD 285.58 per person
For 4 persons USD 218.50 per person
For 5 persons USD 219.65 per person
For 6 persons USD 185.92 per person
For 7 persons USD 186.46 per person
For 8 persons USD 169.63 per person
For 9 persons USD 171.86 per person
For 10 persons USD 156.40 per person
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